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Cast changes coming for next season of Boston Legal (including the addition of John Larroquette).

Boston Legal will look a little different this upcoming season. Oh don’t worry, Denny Crane and Alan Shore will still be sipping Scotch and smoking cigars, but they will have some new faces around the office…and one old face will be playing a bigger role.

John Larroquette will be joining the cast as a senior partner that is transferring from the New York office. Larroquette is best known for his Emmy (four of ‘em) winning role as sleazy prosecutor on Night Court. In addition to that, he also won an Emmy for his guest appearance on The Practice.

In addition to Johnnie boy, Christian Clemenson will now go from recurring guest appearances to become a regular. Clemenson is Jerry “Hands” Espenson, a brilliant but very odd attorney with Asperger syndrome (a form of autism).

Also joining the cast will be Tara Summers (Dirt on FX) as young associate.

But with these additions, there are some regulars that will become a little more scarce.

Julie Bowen (Denise…), Mark Valley (Brad Chase), Constance Zimmer (Claire) and Rene Auberjonois (Paul) have all seen their options lapse. Some of them may return in a guest appearance, or in a recurring role, but their days as a regular are over.

Mark Valley has been a great foil for Alan Shore (James Spader) and Rene Aunberjonois for Denny Crane. The loss (or potential loss since, as I said, they may pop up from time to time) of those two will certainly be felt. I am guessing that Larroquette will be filling the gap left by Auberjonois.