Cast starts filling out for Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson.

Fox and Christopher Columbus has put together a pretty impressive group of gods for the film version of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson.

Percy, Poseidon’s 12-year-old half-human son, heads across the U.S. on a mission to save his mother, return Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and prevent a war between the gods.

Gods so far:
Zeus: Sean Bean
Chiron: Pierce Brosnan
Medusa: Uma Thurman
Poseidon: Kevin McKidd
Athena: Melina Kanakerides

Percy: Logan Lerman. Logan played Bobby in the short-lived series Jack and Bobby as well as appearing in 3:10 to Yuma and Hoot.

Also cast are Brandon T. Jackson (Fast and Furious, Day the Earth Stood Still) as Grover and Alexandra Daddario (All My Children, Jonah Brothers taken Manhatten or whatever the hell their film was called) as Annabeth.

The cast and crew head up to Vancouver in April to start shooting.