Casting Call Descriptions for THE A-TEAM

While we now know that Laim Neeson and Bradley Cooper are on board for THE A-TEAM, they still need to cast Mad Dog Murdoch and B.A. Baracus.

These were posted on Spoiler TV.

A diagnosed psychotic with bipolar mania and dissociated identity disorder, Murdock has a genius IQ, and knows everything about everything. An expert at impersonation, Murdock is able to convince any given onlooker that he’s a doctor specializing in cardiology, the Count of Monte Cristo, a helicopter pilot pretty much any given occupation on earth. When under pressure, Murdock always proves to have the skills he claims to possess; including fluency in most any language-but always with an off-the-wall comment to remind you that he’s basically demented. In charge of impersonations and getaways, he’s also a chopper pilot. Murdock essentially regards the planet Earth as his own private playpen. LEAD.

[CORPORAL B.A. (BOSCO ARNOLD) BARACUS] 30s, African-American, with his trademark mohawk, steel frame, and deadly athletic ability, BA is instantly feared by anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross his path. He is an expert driver, and assists many missions with his flawless escape abilities and self-defense expertise in multiple disciplines. He is tough, menacing, and impossible to bullshit, but is unwaveringly loyal to those he protects. He does have normal human fears, however, and he is petrified of flying in airplanes and of heights. BA is volatile, explosive, dedicated, and strong, and will stop at no lengths to protect the men he serves and bust criminals…THIS ROLE WILL REQUIRE OPTIONS.

[CAPTAIN CHARISA SOSA] 25-30, multi-ethnic female, Sosa is beautiful, intelligent and extremely capable. Fiercely independent, she is a brilliant tactician and can make pentagon pants look sexy. In addition, she has very good instincts when it comes to her job in Army Intelligence, where she is highly respected and in charge in of the military police. She is dedicated, truthful, and faithful to her profession, even when she faces serious obstacles. Sosa uses fantastic restraint and relentless resolve in constant pursuit of the truth…THIS ROLE WILL REQUIRE OPTIONS.

A menacing mercenary, Pike is a swaggering tough guy who is always out for a major profit, especially if it involves dishonestly. He is loyal to no one, and takes advantage of anyone he has the ability to physically destroy, especially if the gain is monetary.

30’s. Lynch is a CIA agent attached to the Army during an invasion. Intent on outwitting the men around him, Lynch is neither brilliant enough nor a master fighter enough to truly succeed. He comes across as a tight-assed agent who isn’t slick enough to live up to his criminal intentions, and who is afraid to put himself in the crossfire.

A tough looking guy in his late 50’s, he is a four star General involved in overseas missions. He is a veteran army lifter, and is in charge of masterminding various invasions. He instantly commands respect of the men around him, but is not without fault and conflicting priorities.

The A-TEAM is supposed to be start shooting in later this month. But I doubt that is happening since they have not completed casting yet. Common was thought to be out of the running (for B.A.) because he is currently filming JUST WRIGHT with Queen Latifah. But if filming does not begin until Sept or October, Common may be available after all. Between Common and The Game (another rapper rumored to be in the running), Common makes more sense. He has more acting experience and did a good job in SMOKIN’ ACE.

I just wish they would complete casting so I have an idea as to whether or not I should be holding out hope that it might work. Joe Carnahan directing with Liam Neeson on board certainly sounds promising.