Lego Interview With Alex Segura

click on pictures to see larger DANGEROUS ENDS comes out April 11th!

Andrew Grant Interviewed by Stormtrooper

In this Lego interview Andrew Grant is quizzed about his new book FALSE POSITIVE by Stormtrooper # FN69347. Andrew is quite patient with him, Neither Andrew or FN69347 found the droids they were looking for. Click on photos to see them larger

The Bronwen Hruska Lego Interview

Bronwen Hruska has been doing some amazing things over at SOHO and we thought it might be fun if Wonder Woman asked her a few questions.

Hilary Davidson Interview in bricks

This is so far our longest interview in Lego. Jen picked out her minifigure on her last visit to castle Crimespree and also requested a monkey be present. Being a good editor I didn’t question the monkey. (This is good life advice, “Don’t question the monkey) Hilary is one of our favorites and she also picked out her own minifigure, opting for the Black Widow from the awesome Lego Avengers set. Please not that while Lego Hilary is getting ready to fly a plane at the end we have no confirmation on “real” Hilary being able to fly a plane. (To see pictures larger, right click and hit view image) and here we...

Dana Cameron, interview in plastic brick

Dana Cameron interviews her character from SEVEN KINDS OF HELL (47 North), Zoe Miller, in our latest Lego interview. She came prepared, she had her own mini figure and brought wolves! This is the first interview we’ve done like this with the subject of the interview on hand while we set up and take the photos and it was a LOAD of fun. To see images larger, right click and tap “View Image”


Brad Parks has just had his 4th book come out and he also just won an award at Left Coast Crime.       Script for this interview was by Bryan VanMeter, Lego manipulation by Jon the Crimespree Guy