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CBS is adding two new crime dramas this fall

CBS’s is adding a couple more crime titles to its already crime-rich line-up. In addition to NCIS, the CSIs, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds and Without a Trace, CBS will be adding two new crime shows to its roster.

The Eleventh Hour will air at 10pm(9 CST) and will have CSI as a lead-in.
Rufus Sewell stars as Dr. Jacob Hood, a brilliant biophysicist and special science advisor to the government who investigates scientific crises and oddities.
Marley Shelton (who was fanstastic in Planet Terror) will also star as his sidekick. In the British series, the asst was a bodyguard, not sure if it will be the exact same here in the U.S. series.

The Mentalist will be in the middle of all-crime Tuesdays, with NCIS before it and Without a Trace rounding out the night.
Simon Baker (The Guardian television series, The Devil wears Prada) stars as Patrick Jane, a detective and independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation.
Robin Tunney also stars.

Moonlight, Shark and Jericho were among those that were canceled.

Here’s the lineup:

7-8 p.m. 60 Minutes
8-9 p.m. The Amazing Race
9-10 p.m. Cold Case
10-11 p.m. The Unit

8-8:30 p.m. The Big Bang Theory
8:30-9 p.m. How I Met Your Mother
9:-9:30 p.m. Two and a Half Men
9:30-10 p.m. Worst Week (new)
10-11 p.m. CSI: Miami

8-9:00 p.m. NCIS
9-10 p.m. The Mentalist (new)
10-11 p.m. Without a Trace

8-8:30 p.m. The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30–9 p.m. Project Gary (new)
9-10 p.m. Criminal Minds
10-11 p.m. CSI: NY

8-9 p.m. Survivor
9-10 p.m. CSI
10-11 p.m. Eleventh Hour (new)

8-9 p.m. Ghost Whisperer
9-10 p.m. The Ex-List (new)
10-11 p.m. Numbers

8-9 p.m. Crimetime Saturday
9-10 p.m. Crimetime Saturday
10-11 p.m. 48 Hours: Mystery