Mr. Jon ain’t gonna be happy.

Word has hit the net that CBS has greenlighted a remake of their popular series HAWAII FIVE-O. The police drama ran from 1968 to 1980.

While I don’t see the need to revisit the past, this does not piss me off nearly as much as NBC’s moronic plans to remake THE ROCKFORD FILES. No offence to Jack Lord, but I can see somebody else saying Book ’em Danno a little easier than I can see somebody else as Jim Rockford. Of course CBS is not loaded with nearly the number of idiots that NBC is these days…not that that is saying much.

Behind the project are Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (creator/producers of FRINGE and writers of STAR TREK, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III and TRANSFORMERS…they had me until the last one) and Lenkov (Exec producer of CSI: BULGARIA…No, Miami).

Note to networks: There are a ton of great crime novel series out there. Simply pay the authors and use them as the basis for new series. Why revisit the old?