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Changes Afoot

As Crimespree prepares for its 50th issue, there are changes afoot here at our online home. We’re redecorating, so to speak, and integrating the website and blog so you can find everything in one place. We’ll have some new functionality that we think you’ll like, too.

The official launch of the new site will happen in a few weeks–watch this space for details–but in the interim, you will see things shift around a bit here from time to time. So if you visit and the site looks different, don’t be alarmed. You’re not seeing things (or rather, if you are, changes to this site aren’t among them).

If you have any ideas, thoughts, song lyrics, or anything else you’d like to contribute to this endeavor, please comment below. You can of course also find Crimespree on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your continued support!