Changes in store for LIE TO ME.

Back in July, I mentioned that LIE TO ME was going to be adding a couple of new faces to the cast. Now it looks like a familiar face will be leaving: Mekhi Phifer.

Phifer plays FBI Special Agent Ben Reynolds and Michael Asuiello has LTM producer David Graziano declaring that The Lightman Group will be severing tie with the FBI. They had been on retainer, with Reynolds acting as liason.

“We’re going rogue a little bit,” explains Lie to Me executive producer David Graziano. “Lightman [Tim Roth] is going to act slightly in the more old-school PI model of a TV protagonist, [so] we’re doing away with the FBI contract [and] Mekhi is unfortunately no longer going to be on the show.

“The FBI franchise limited our storytelling a little bit because it had to adhere to the FBI structures of ‘Would the FBI take this case or not?’” Graziano continues. “The character that’s going to be our badge this season is a bent cop, Wolowsky [Monique Gabriela Curnen], who goes about business in a similar way to Lightman. There’s a mutual respect from the get-go. We’re working hard to make The Lightman Group a dysfunctional family.”
Curnen is one of the new faces I had previously mentioned. She was Detective Allison Beaumont on THE UNUSUALS, a short-lived but entertaining ABCseries.

While I don’t dislike the character of Reynolds, I never really developed any connection with him. The change of pace could be fun and I don’t see them losing anything from it.