Charlie Houston’s Already Dead is one step closer to the big screen.

Charlie Houston’s Already Dead has taken one more step towards becoming an actual film.

Scott Rosenberg has been picked to write the screenplay. Rosenberg’s past works have included Beautiful Girls (A fav of mine), High Fidelity, Con Air and …..Kangaroo Jack. Well, we all do things we are ashamed of. Rosenberg also recently wrote the screenplay for the forthcoming remake of The Dirty Dozen.
Why can’t these bastards leave our classics alone?

The film rights are held by Phoenix Films and will be produced by Michael De Luca of De Luca Productions. This actually is a good thing as De Luca is known for his love of comics and Graphic novels. I think his sensibilities will be in line with Houston’s work.

No word yet as to who will direct or star in it.

Joe Pitt is a private detective. He is also a vampyre. In Houston’s world, vampyres are a result of a virus. Vampyres have divided into clans throughout the city, but Joe chooses to remain a loner.
In Already Dead, Joe is hired to find the runaway daughter of a rich socialite. While Joe is working on finding her, a new virus is spreading throughout the city, a virus that turns folk into brain-eating zombies.

Already Dead is the first of series of 5 planned books. The hope is to turn them into a movie franchise.