Five Quick Questions With Chris Holm

chrisH01We love the new book by Chris Holm and asked a quick five questions about RED RIGHT HAND.



Jon: After the Anthony Award win in New Orleans do you feel any extra pressure for the book you are working on now? If not, why not?

Chris: Honestly, no. My next book will be a high concept standalone. I’m confident that folks will find the premise pretty cool. The only pressure I feel is to make sure the story delivers on the promise of that premise. (No, I won’t tell you what it is yet.)

That said, I was sweating bullets over the release of RED RIGHT HAND. It’s obvious that Hendricks struck a chord with people who read THE KILLING KIND, so I felt a great deal of responsibility not to screw that up.

Jon: What are your biggest distractions you face while working on a book?

Chris: Social media. Research rabbit holes. My guitar. Other people’s books. The realization that, if I felt like it, I could hook up my old Dreamcast and play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater at any time.

Jon: How important is it having a wife who is so awesome in helping do what you do?

Chris: For years, Katrina was the only person on the planet who took my dream of one day writing a novel seriously. If that’s where her contribution to my career began and ended, I’d be forever grateful, but the fact is, she’s supported me every step of the way. She’s my sounding board. My first reader. My handler. My street team. I don’t know if I could have gotten where I am now on my own.

Jon: Could you sum up Red Right Hand in one sentence?

Chris: To protect a former federal witness, thought dead until he unwittingly appears in a viral video of an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge, Michael Hendricks is forced to wade into the center of a terror plot whose perpetrators aren’t what they seem.

Jon: Will reading RED RIGHT HAND save lives?

Chris: Hard to say… but it will teach you how to pick a lock with an electric toothbrush.