Christian Bale eyeing Boston Teran’s THE CREED OF VIOLENCE

With the Dark Knight behind him, Christian Bale is looking to fight crime in a different way.

Variety is reporting that the Oscar winner is in negotiations to star in the film based on Boston Teran’s novel CREED OF VIOLENCE.

The novel is set in 1910 during the Mexican revolution. If signed, Bale will play Rawbone is an assassin and mercenary who comes into possession of a truck loaded with military grade weapons. No word on who might play Agent John Lourdes of the Bureau of Investigation, the other lead.

Todd Fields wrote the sceenplay is looks to be directing. Field was nominated for Oscars for LITTLE CHILDREN and IN THE BEDROOM.

Filming is expected to begin in early 2013. Dave Wahlman reviewed CoV in late 2010.