Christopher G Moore’s SPIRIT HOUSE being adapted for film.

FilmNation Entertainment is looking to bring the work of Christopher G Moore to the big screen.

According to Risky Business, they have hired Chase Palmer to adapt Moore’s 1992 novel SPIRIT HOUSE.

The Bangkok police already have a confession by a nineteen-year-old drug addict who has admitted to the murder of a British computer wizard, Ben Hoadly. From the bruises on his face shown at the press conference, it is clear that the young suspect had some help from the police in the making of his confession. The case is wrapped up. Only there are some loose ends that the police and just about everyone else is happy to over look.

The search for the killer of Ben Hoadley plunges Calvino into the dark side of Bangkok, where professional hit men have orders to stop him. From the world of thinner addicts, dope dealers, fortunetellers, and high-class call girls, Calvino peels away the mystery surrounding the death of the English ex-public schoolboy who had a lot of dubious friends.

SPIRIT HOUSE is the first of eleven novels to feature Vincent Calvino, a half-Jewish half-Italian private eye.