Chuck: Season the Second

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Chuck’s second season was for me, even more entertaining than the first. Our reluctant spy is more comfortable with what he does even though he still talks about getting out. He is also better at what he does, though he still makes the wonderfully slapstick mistakes.

Most of the season works with two subplots, get the new intersect running and Chuck wanting to be normal so he can be in a relationship with Sarah, one of his handlers. These two things drive most of the stories.

Along the way Bryce, his college roommate comes back, apologizing for giving him the intersect but explaining why he did. Bryce does a few missions with the team and tension is perfect from the fact that Bryce was with the two women that Chuck has cared about. This is a good time to mention that Chuck’s college girlfriend is back. She’s working for a biotech firm and she and Chuck start dating again.

Life at the Buy More is business as usual as Chuck’s friends contribute an awful lot of comic relief. And while I do think that part of the show could have been toned down a bit it is still a lot of fun.

By the end of the season Chuck is looking for someone named Orion who can get the intersect out of his head, because Orion engineered most of it. Of course everyone else wants Orion so it’s a race to find him.

The season ends with a big show down full of bad guys disrupting a wedding, and an added bonus of an extra spy helping Chuck, Sarah and Casey. We leave the season with Chuck making a decision about his future after having the intersect removed.

Lots of guest stars in this season. Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxlightner are Chuck’s Future Brother in Law’s parents and of course they are awesome. Scott Bakula is Chuck’s long missing Dad. Tricia Helfers is an agent that replaces Sarah.

There are some extra features, nothing out of this world, but not bad. Outtakes, little snippits from Captain Awesome and Casey are among the most fun.

This show has great action, is funny as Hell and has a lot of heart. I hope it continues to be as good in season 3, which I’ll see on DVD next year.
Jon Jordan

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