CHUCK will return for season three.

It is official: NBC has picked up a third season of Chuck. The peacock network has ordered 13 episodes. As I had previously mentioned, the pick-up depended on Warner Brothers (Producers of the show) making some financial concessions.

I have watched about 1 1/2 seasons of Chuck and had fun with it. If I had one request, it would be to move the characters forward at least a little bit. It always felt like nothing ever really changed.

Sarah and John pulled some strings and got Chuck his degree from Standford…and he still is at the Buy More doing the same stuff (When he is at work). Why not allow for a little growth? Chuck has been helping Sarah and John for a while, he should actually be learning some skills and gaining confidence. Since they are going to make budget cuts, get rid of the Buy More. Have Chuck get a regular job and focus on the main stories instead of Buy More wackiness. Simply put humor elsewhere in the scripts.

The show is fun and the strong cast chemistry makes it quite enjoyable, I just would like a little more from them.