CITY OF MIRRORS by Melodie Johnson Howe

Melodie Johnson Howe
August 1st, 2013

Melodie Johnson Howe’s new serial novel, CITY OF MIRRORS, introduces the character Diana Poole. She is one of those actresses where you recognize the face but cannot place the name. The mystery is not whether Diana will find work but her discovery of a young actress’ body, Jenny Parson. This book is a compelling view of Hollywood’s dark side as Diana, along with fixer Leo Heath, must find the killer or risk death.

Diana Poole is trying to put her life together after her husband’s death, and in need of money must find work, something not easy to do for an actress over forty. She finally lands an acting job after being out of the business for a number of years. Knowing that people in this business go to dangerous lengths to protect their images Diana realizes her life is in danger since she was the one to discover the dead actress. She elicits the help of the fixer Heath and together they search out the murderer while forming a bond.

Through Diana’s eyes readers will discover how the Hollywood rich and famous live. Having been an actress herself Howe knows the ins and outs of the Hollywood scene and magnificently intertwines it in the mystery, making “Hollywood” a supporting character. Diana is someone witty, intelligent, likeable, and does not take herself too seriously. Yet, she is also vulnerable, especially as she struggles to understand her relationship with her famous mother, Nora, who has recently died.

The title, CITY OF MIRRORS, says it all. This novel is one reflection after another. It is a complex tale with a dark and twisting plot. The author blends humor and suspense to create a very interesting story.

Elise Cooper