Clancy’s Without Remorse gets yet another shot at the silver screen

In the past fifteen or so years, several attempts have been made to bring WITHOUT REMORSE to a theater near you.

At various times, Gary Sinise (CSI-New York, Apollo 13) and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) have been slated to play John Clark. Each time things have fallen apart.

Now Variety is reporting that Relativity Media will be financing another attempt to make it happen.

The only real detail so far is that Stuart Beattie will be writing the screenplay. Beattie wrote the original Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as Derailed and Collateral.

P.S. Sorry CC has been a little barren the last few days, but my computer has had a few breakdowns (including TWO graphic cards in one week!) that have had me distracted. Hopefully all is well. If this baby has one more failure, big bucks are going to be spent upgrading to a new rig.