Clips from the DEXTER panel at Comic-Con 2009.

Showtime has made available nine clips from the DEXTER panel at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego.

Cast members Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow join the producers in talking about the hit show.

Clip one: The Baby’s Name.

Clip two: Do Rita and Deb Know? Julie Benz (Rita) and Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) talk about how their characters perceive Dexter and his secret.

Clip three: John Lithgow Guest Stars. John Lithgow talks about coming on board to Showtime’s biggest hit.

Clip four: Working in Different Genres. Julie, Jennifer and John chat about their experiences outside of the suspense genre.

Clip five: International Response to Dexter. Michael C. Hall discussed the international success of the show.

Clip six: John Lithgow Has Secrets. John gives his thoughts on the cast and the show.

Clip seven: Keith Carradine Returns as Frank Lundy. Clyde Philips on Keith Carradine’s return as Agent Frank Lundy.

Clip eight: Most Challenging Scenes. Michael, Jennifer and Julie offer up their most difficult scenes.

Clip nine: If You Could Play Another Character.

Season four premieres Sunday September 27th.