Clive Owen to take on role of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe.


Universal Studios, in conjuction with Strike Entertainment production company, has purchased the film rights to Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe novels with Oscar Nominee Clive Owen taking up the role as L.A.’s most famous P.I.

Philip Marlowe first hit the silver screen in 1944 with Dick Powel as Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet (Based on Farewell, My Lovely). Humphrey Bogart then stepped up in The Big Sleep (1946). Since then Robert Montgomery, Robert Mitchum, Elliot Gould and James Garner have all played the iconic role on the silver screen, with others in the role on television.

The intention is to turn this into a franchise for Owen.

Owen’s name was among those bandied about during the several year search for the new James Bond. His credits include Gosford Park, Closer (Which got him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor) , Sin City and Inside Man.

The source material will be the novella Trouble is my Business, with Frank Miller writing the screenplay.

Miller and Owen previously worked together on Miller’s Sin City.Miller’s style is sparse and brutal. I have no problem believing that he could do a fantastic job on this project.

In Variety, Owen said this of Miller taking on Chandler’s material: “Frank Miller knows more about noir than anyone I have ever met, and clearly the writing of Raymond Chandler has been an enormous influence on his life and his work. Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match.”

I am so stoked about this!