Comic-Con footage suggests that DC may have finally figured out Hollywood

This weekend San Diego was overrun with fanboys, geeks and all sorts of obsessed folk dressed in garb that likely leaves most people scratching their heads. Comic-Con is upon us. Once upon a time, it was about comics, but now is a launching pad for all things Hollywood.

And this year, it looks like DC Comics’s Entertainment Division has found it’s funny. After years of dark, brooding films, the new trailers for WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUICIDE SQUAD provide color, humor and a spirit that has been missing for years. Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN films did have spirit, but were the birth of the darkness that enveloped Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL and, along with a meandering script, ultimately doomed SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN. The failure of that last film had an impact on Warner and DC and reportedly upset Ben Affleck enough that he now has more influence on the upcoming DC films, having been promoted to Executive Producer for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now Producer credits are a dime a dozen, but many reports have Affleck wielding more influence than before.

Before JUSTICE LEAGUE comes around, we will first get WONDER WOMAN:

Next up is JUSTICE LEAGUE, which is set for November of 2017.

Next month sees some of the most depraved killers, lunatics and thieves band together to save humanity in SUICIDE SQUAD.

After watching those three trailers, I actually have hope that DC may be turning a corner. I have no problem with delivering comic book films with grit, but there has to be humanity and focus, something Snyder never seemed to get.

And while DC has struggled with films, they have had more than a little success on TV, especially on CW. This season sees ARROW, FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW joined by SUPERGIRL on CW. This last season saw FLASH continue to thrive and set the stage for an amazing third season. This trailer suggests an incredibly ambitious season that will likely impact ARROW and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. This season tackles the iconic FLASHPOINT storyline, which is one of the bigger stories from the last 20 years of DC comics. Last season introduced Earth 2 and provided alternate versions of characters, FLASHPOINT will turn that up a notch.

ARROW, the founder of the CW superhero world, has struggled at times and ended the season with fans voicing a lot of frustration. The new season appears to be setting the stage for a new batch of heroes. Now this will mean nothing if the season’s arc is not consistent, which has been a problem the last couple years.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s first season was entertaining and provided consistent entertainment. It also introduced a number of characters from the DC universe and season two appears to be ready to deliver even more names that will thrill die hard comic fans. It has been reported that this season will see the birth of the Legion of Doom as well as the introduction of Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite and Obsidian, all of whom are members of the Justice Society of America, the Earth 2 version of the Justice League.

On top of all this, three regulars have signed full time deals that will see them appear on all of the CW DC shows. I love this and hope more actors are signed to these deals, it gives each show more tools to work with.

Now much of what I have said will likely mean little to those that have not read comics, but it looks like DC might be poised to have an amazing next 18 months.