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Comic review week of Aug.18th part one

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Here they are hot off the presses.

The Executioner – #1,#2 – IDW comics

I picked this up because the cover art intrigued me. I’ll continue to pick this up, because once I opened this comic the story line blew me away. Based on character’s from Don Pendleton’s Novels. Doug Wojtowicz has taken these character’s and adapted them to comics that remind me a lot of the Punisher. There is a lot more technical descriptions of the firearms and surroundings, and that’s before you even look at S.I. Gallant’s amazing and almost portrait like artwork. I will continue to update you on this in the future.

Buckaroo Banzai #1 The Prequel – Moonstone comics

Writer Mac Rauch has something special with these characters. A rockabilly, Nobel prize winning genius trying to finish a concert series and his scientific work all while being in love and fight off evil. This prequel lays out the ground work for what looks to be a great series.
The artwork of W. Chew Chan reminds me early comics of the 50’s and 60’s. Very colorful and flesh tones done in small red dots. Very cool, Moonstone has another winner in Buckaroo Banzai.

Wolverine – #1 Old Man Logan – Marvel comics

All the Superheroes are defeated in an epic battle of good verses evil. The Super villians have taken over the United States. Those who didn’t die have found other ways of surviving. This is one of those stories that show what happens if evil ever truly wins. Writer Mark Millar really captures Logan as a down trodden broken man. The artwork of Steve Mcniven is stunning in a very post apocalyptic way. These two work well together. And they should they also created Civil War. Definitely check this one out.
Broken Trinity – #1 – Top Cow comics
This is an epic story of evil verses even worse. Phil Hester has written a down and dirty tale of one man’s fight over Demon’s and his own henchmen. The artwork of Jorge Lucas will make you stop and reread each page just to appreciate the detail. Pick this one up and be ready to cheer on the bad guy.

And hey, check back here later in the week for more reviews!