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Conspiracies are a Conspiracy

Earlier this week I was talking to some guy, randomly met him and started talking and as thing are likely to do this time of year it turned to politics. I played off saying I’m sick of being lied to by everyone thinking I’d get him off it. Oh no, that just got him rolling. He proceeded to tell me how these elections are just a show and the next President, Hell, the next four Presidents have already been picked by a shadow government.  I changed the subject to baseball, and wouldn’t you know? The winner of the world series was already decided by rich team owners and sponsors last summer. Super Bowl? Rigged. Lottery? Rigged. Fast food, the Oscars,  baby diapers, drugs, insurance, it’s all rigged, and as it turns out according to my new buddy, it’s rigged against us, the people who have less than 10 billion dollars. I wish I could find a away to tap into his paranoia and make money off it….

This was all fun to listen to but ultimately I don’t put much stock in conspiracies. Why? Because people are involved. I’m sure there are some true conspiracies, but usually they get found out. And the more people involved, the less chance of success. So a rigged Super Bowl just doesn’t ring true for me. I mean really, if I did the rigging I would tell at lest one or two people. I’d have to brag about it, show off a little. And there would begin  the end of said conspiracy. The bigger the story the more people involved the less likely it could really happen. I view it as entertainment.

Of course this is why i love conspiracies in my books and movies.  Suspend a little belief and off we go. Black Ops people conspiring against Jason Bourne, I’m all over it. A secret group out to take over the world, count me in. Even movies like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer have them, the southern vampires conspiring to add the south in the Civil War.

So I want to identify the people that actually believe these crazy conspiracies and start selling them these.

Meanwhile, what are some of your favorite conspiracies? Real or fictional?