Cornwell’s HORNET’S NEST news for TNT

Add Patricia Cornwell to the list of bestselling authors whose characters will be featured on TNT’s MYSTERY MOVIE NIGHT series.

The cable network has announced that Cornwell’s HORNET’S NEST has been picked up and will debut in spring of 2012 and will star Sherry Stringfield (ER), Virginia Madsen (Sideways) and Robbie Amell (Picture This),

HORNET’S NEST was published in 1996 and is the first of three novels to feature Andy Brazil, Judy Hammer and Virginia West.

Set in Charlotte, N.C., the story opens with everyone desperate to solve the latest crisis: a serial killer is specializing in out-of-town businessmen. Police Chief Judy Hammer (Madsen) and her top deputy, Virginia West (Stringfield) make the murder investigation their top priority. But West is less than pleased when Hammer pairs her up with Brazil (Amell), a cub reporter assigned to cover the police department.

In the coming months, three additional spring titles will be announced.