COURIER by Terry Irving reviewed

Terry Irving
Exhibit A

I am a huge fan of early 1970’s thriller movies, especially the political and espionage movies laden with conspiracies. The minute I saw the description on the back of this book, I knew it would be something I would enjoy. And I did.
Rick Putnam is in Washington DC 1972, he’s just back from ‘Nam and has a job as a motorcycle courier.  He gets caught up in a nightmare scenario while delivering some footage for a local news station. The film contains an interview with a government employee and it is breaking news. Within a few hours of the interview being filmed everyone involved is dead, except Rick…. So far.
Irving does a great job with keeping the pace flying forward. It was also really fun to read a thriller without the internet or cell phones.
Irving is a writer who is bringing his own experience to the book, here’s part of his bio from IMBD:
“Began in television by riding a BMW 60/R carrying 16mm color reverse film for ABC News during the Watergate Scandal. Worked on Good Morning America, Nightline and This Week with David Brinkley and covered The Fall of the Berlin Wall, US Marines in Beirut, the Release of Nelson Mandela and the 1980 Presidential Elections. Left ABC after 20 years to pursue digital media.”
This book kicks ass and I can’t wait for the next one.
Jon Jordan