Crimespree – Where the F#%K is mine!??!!!!

As you can probably tell #4 is late. Here’s why…..

The printer broke down, the repair dude was swamped and couldn’t get to it as timely as we would like. We finally got every thing printed, and then the binder was shut down for the holidays.

We have the issues in our hands and they are being put in envelopes as I type this. They will be mailing today and Monday.

And the UK folks will finally get their #2’s that are lost somewhere between here and there….

So, new schedule is: (this is not set in stone, but a real safe bet)

#5 – Ship the second Friday of March

#6 – Ship the second Friday of May

#7 – Ship the second Friday of July

So, every other month and on the second Friday they go out.

Once we start to make a little money and aren’t putting our bucks in, we will ship in a better method than Media Mail, but for now that’s the only affordable solution.

Subscribers, thanks for your patience with our month delay.