Crimespree 7

Well the new improved earlier deadline freeeeaaaaaked us out a bit, but # 7 is locked and loaded and the proof approved.

Good stuff coming in this one.

Interview w_07ith David Bowker by Jennifer Jordan
Footprints: Father Knox’s Rules by Ruth Jordan
Award Nominees
Australian Crime Fiction by Adrian Milnes
Fiction – Above The Fold by Trey R. Barker
Rants and RavesRobert Randisi
Ugly Eye For The Mystery Guy by Jim Pascoe
Bookstore Spotlight – Milwaukee’s Mystery One
Cover Story-Barry Eisler Declassified byRuth Jordan,Joe Konrath
International Thrillers Writers Inc by Dave Bieman
Trouble Shooter Excerpt by Gregg Hurwitz
Publisher Spotlight:Hard Case Crime by Anthony Rainone
Dark Knight Detective by Jon Jordan
Interview with Joseph Finder by Jason Starr
Eye On Hollywood by Jeremy Lynch
My Favorite Crime Movie by Victor Gicshler
The Unspoken Word by Reed Farell Coleman
Sick Little Goobers by Blake Crouch
Fiction: The Investigation by HP Tinker
There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Review by Ruth Jordan
Crimes On .45 by Kevin Burton Smith
Light Drizzle by JA Konrath
Ms.Terious by Joe and Sam Lemmer