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Crimespree 9 could be a little late

We are plugging away on issue 9, but due to a couple of things we might ship a little late. It isn’t slated to hit the mial till the first week of November, but we are already behind our deadline so I wanted to let people know.

Factors involved in the issue being late involve a family health issue and a trip to Baltimore on deadline weekend. Plus I got my yearly sinus “thing” early so I’ve been alternating between waiting for my head to explode and blowing my nose a lot.

The Max Allan Collins interview is amazing. Sean Chercover did a great job.
We also have a great Interview from Manuel Ramos with Brian Azzarello, and Steven Torres in turn interviewed Manuel.

Plus Bouchercon pictures and pool moments. What are poll moments? You’ll have to read and find out!

So please bare with us, issue nine will be as close to on time as we can make it.