Crimespree Index of DVD Reviews

This list needs to be updated to links in the new site. We still have these reviews but the links don’t work at the moment.



Welcome to the Crimespree DVD review index. This contains a complete list (with links) of all DVDs reviewed here.

12 Angry Men: 50th Anniversary Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
12 ROUNDS (Gerald So)
16 Blocks (Lee Crawford)
21 (Lee Crawford)
21 JUMP STREET: Complete First Season (Gerald So)
24: season one special edition (Jeremy Lynch)
24: Season Six (Lee Crawford)
24: Redemption (Lee Crawford)
24: Season seven (Jeremy Lynch)
27 Dresses (Jeremy Lynch)
3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR – Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
3:10 to Yuma (Jeremy Lynch)
$ (Randy Otteson)

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr (Jon Jordan)
ADAM-12: Season thee (Jon Jordan)
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Classic Collection 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
An Affair in Trinidad (Lee Crawford)
An Affair to Remember (Randy Otteson)
The Anderson Tapes (Jon Jordan)
Any Given Sunday: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier (Lee Crawford)
Archangel (Jon Jordan)
The Aura (Jon Jordan)

B.L. Stryker: The complete first season (Gerald So)
B.L. Stryker: The complete series (Gerald So)
Basic Instinct 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
The Batman: The complete Fifth season (Jeremy Lynch)
Being There: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The BETRAYED (Gerald So)
The Big Bang Theory: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
The Big Easy: season one (Gerald So)
The Big Lebowski: 10th Anniversary edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Bionic Woman: Volume one (Jon Jordan)
Birds of Prey: The Complete Series (Lee Crawford)
Black Hawk Down: Extended cut (Randy Otteson)
Blood Diamond (Jeremy Lynch)
Blue Murder (Naomi Krueger)
Blue Murder: Set 2 (Naomi Krueger)
Blue Murder: Set 3 (Naomi Krueger)
Blue Thunder (Jeremy Lynch)
Body Heat: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Bones: Season One (Gerald So)
Bones: Season Two (Gerald So)
Bones: Season Three (Gerald So)
BOOKER – Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Boston Legal: Season One (Jeremy Lynch)
Boston Legal: Season Three (Jon Jordan)
BOSTON LEGAL: Season five (Jeremy Lynch)
Bottle Shock (Jeremy Lynch)
Brick (Jeremy Lynch)
Bright Lights, Big City: Special Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Bubba Ho-Tep Hail to the King Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Burn Notice: season one (Jeremy Lynch)
BURN NOTICE: Season two DVD/Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid: Special Edition (Jeremy Lynch & Jon Jordan)

The Caine Mutiny (Randy Otteson)
CALLAN: Set two (Jeremy Lynch)
Cannon: Season one, volume two (Jon Jordan)
Casablanca: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Casino Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The Chairman (Lee Crawford)
Charlie Chan Collection Volume 2. (Randy Otteson)
Chicago 10 (Jeremy Lynch)
Chinatown: Special Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
CHiPs: Season one (Jon Jordan)
Chuck: Season one (Gerald So)
Chuck: Season one Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
THE CLEANER: Season One (Jeremy Lynch)
CLERKS II: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The Closer: season three (Jeremy Lynch)
THE CLOSER: Season four (Jeremy Lynch)
Cloverfield (Jeremy Lynch)
Cool Hand Luke: Deluxe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
CRACKER: The Complete collection (Jeremy Lynch)
Crash (Jeremy Lynch)
Criminal Minds: First Season (Jon Jordan)
Criminal Minds: Season 2 (Lee Crawford)
CSI – Season seven (Jeremy Lynch)
CSI: Season Eight (Jeremy Lynch)

The Da Vinci Code (Jeremy Lynch)
Da Vinci’s Inquest: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
Da Vinci’s Inquest: Season Two (Jeremy Lynch)
Da Vinci’s Inquest: Season Three (Jeremy Lynch)
Damages: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
DAMAGES: Season two (Jeremy Lynch)
The Dark Knight: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Day Watch: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The Dead Pool: Deluxe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
DEAD LIKE ME: The complete collection (Jeremy Lynch)
DEAD LIKE ME: Life After Death (Gerald So)
Death Proof (Jeremy Lynch)
Deliverance: 35th Anniversary Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
The Departed (Jeremy Lynch)
Dexter: The First season (Jeremy Lynch)
Dexter: The First season Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Dexter: Season two (Jeremy Lynch)
DEXTER – Season two Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
DEXTER – Season three Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Diamond Dogs (Jeremy Lynch)
Dick Francis Mysteries (Jon Jordan)
The Die Hard Collection (Jeremy Lynch)
The Dirty Dozen: Special Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Dirty Sexy Money: The complete first season (Jeremy Lynch)
DIRTY SEXY MONEY – The Complete Final Season (Jeremy Lynch)
DISTRICT 9 (Patti Abbott)
Disturbia (Lee Crawford)
DNa: first and second seasons (Lee Crawford)
Doctor Who: The complete fourth series (Jon Jordan)
DOLLHOUSE – First season (Lee Crawford)
Donnie Brasco-Extended Cut (Lee Crawford)
DR. STRANGELOVE: Blu-ray (Lee Crawford)
The Dresden Files: Season one (Gerald So)

Eastern Promises (Jeremy Lynch)
Eastern Promises: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Emergency!: Season Four (Naomi Krueger)
Emergency!: Season Five (Naomi Krueger)
Enchanted (Jeremy Lynch)
ENTOURAGE: The Complete fifth season (Jeremy Lynch)
The Equalizer: Season One (Lee Crawford)

Face/Off: Special Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
The Fall Guy: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
Fangoria’s Blooddrive Collection (Jon Jordan)
FARGO: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Father Brown: Set 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF – Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Film Noir Classics Collection volume 4 (Jeremy Lynch)
Firefly Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Firewall (Jeremy Lynch)
First Knight: special edition (Ruth Jordan)
Fletch: The Jane Doe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
The French Connection: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE – Criterion collection (Tom Piccirilli)
Friday the 13th: the series: season one (Jeremy Lynch)
Friday The 13th: the series – the second season (Jeremy Lynch)
THE FUGITIVE: Season two, Volume two (Jon Jordan)
The Full Monty: The Fully Exposed Edition (Jill Lynch)
Funny Face: Centennial Collection (Randy Otteson)

GALAXY QUEST: Deluxe Edition (Randy Otteson)
The Garment Jungle (Jeremy Lynch)
George Carlin: Its Bad For Ya! Blu-ray (Jill Lynch)
The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola restoration , Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Gone Baby Gone (Jeremy Lynch)
The Good German (Lee Crawford)
The Good Sheperd (Randy Otteson)
GRAY’S ANATOMY – Complete Fifth Season (Bradley Hayward)
GREEN LANTERN – First Flight Blu-ray (Gerald So)

Hard Candy (Jeremy Lynch)
Haven (Jon Jordan)
Hawaii Five-O season one (Jon Jordan)
Hawaii Five-O season two (Jon Jordan)
Hawaii Five-O: season three (Jon Jordan)
Hawaii Five-O: season four (Jon Jordan)
HAWAII FIVE-O: Season six (Jon Jordan)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Blu-ray) (Jeremy Lynch)
HERE’S LUCY – Season One (Bradley Hayward)
Hill Street Blues: Season Two (Jon Jordan)
A History of Violence (Jeremy Lynch)

HUNTER: The complete first season (Jeremy Lynch)
The Hustler: Two Disc Collector’s Edition (Randy Otteson)

I Wake Up Screaming (Lee Crawford)
The Illusionist (Lee Crawford)
In the Heat of the Night: 40th Anniversary edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Indiana Jones special editions (Jeremy Lynch)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
In the Valley of Elah (Lee Crawford)
Inside Man (Jeremy Lynch)
Ironside: Seasons one and two (Jon Jordan)
Intelligence: season one (Jeremy Lynch)
INTELLIGENCE – Season two (Jeremy Lynch)
The Invaders: The Second Season (Jon Jordan)
THE INVISIBLES: Series one (Jeremy Lynch)

JAG: Season One (Jon Jordan)
Jake & the Fatman: Season one, volume two (Jon Jordan)
James Bond Ultimate Editions 1 & 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
Jesse Stone Night Passage + Death in Paradise (Gerald So)
Jesse Stone: Sea Change (Gerald So)
John Grisham’s The Rainmaker: Special Collector’s Edition (Lee Crawford)
Jonathan Creek: season 2 (Naomi Krueger)
Jumper (Lee Crawford)
Juno (Jeremy Lynch)

Kidnapped: The Complete Series (Lee Crawford)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jon & Ruth Jordan)

The Last Detective: set 4 (Jeremy Lynch)
The Last Detective: The complete collection (Jon Jordan)
Last King of Scotland (Jeremy Lynch)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – The Seventh Year (Jeremy Lynch)
LEVERAGE: Season one (Gerald So)
LICENSE TO KILL: Blu-ray (Gerald So)
LIE TO ME – Season one Blu-ray (Gerald So)
Life: Season one (Gerald So)
LIFE: Season two (Jon Jordan)
LIFE ON MARS: Season one (Ruth Jordan)
Live Free or Die Hard (Randy Otteson)
Lovejoy: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
Lovejoy: Season two (Jeremy Lynch)

M*A*S*H – Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Magnum Force: Deluxe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Magnum P.I.: Complete Fourth Season (Jeremy Lynch)
Magnum P.I.: Complete Seventh Season (Jeremy Lynch)
MAJOR LEAGUE: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The complete series (Jon Jordan)
Mannix: season one (Jon Jordan)
Mannix: Season two (Jon Jordan)
The Matador (Jeremy Lynch)
MATLOCK – Season three (Bradley Hayward)
Mercenary For Justice (Jon Jordan)
Miami Vice Seasons 3 & 4 (Jon Jordan)
Michael Clayton (Jeremy Lynch)
Michael Shayne Mysteries Vol One (Jon Jordan)
MIDNIGHT EXPRESS: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Midsomer’s Murders: series 9 (Jeremy Lynch)
Midsomer’s Murders:series 10 (Jeremy Lynch)
Midsomer Murders: Series 12 (Jeremy Lynch)
Miss Marple Collection (Randy Otteson)
Mission Impossible: Season one (Jon Jordan)
Mission Impossible: Season two (Jon Jordan)
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Season six (Jon Jordan)
The Mod Squad: season one, volume one (Jeremy Lynch)
The Mod Squad: season two, volume one (Jon Jordan)
Moontide (Jeremy Lynch)
Munich (Jeremy Lynch)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Unrated Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Mr. Brooks (Randy Otteson)
Mr. Moto Collection Volume One (Jon Jordan)
Mr. Moto Collection Volume Two (Randy Otteson)
The Mummy (Randy Otteson)
Murder in Suburbia series 2 (Naomi Krueger)
Murder Room: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (Lee Crawford)
Murder, She Wrote: Season Eight (Bradley Hayward)

My Blueberry Nights (Jeremy Lynch)
MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 volume 15 (Jeremy Lynch)

Nancy Drew (Jeremy Lynch)
Nash Bridges: Season one (Jon Jordan)
New Street Law: Season one (Jon Jordan)
NCIS: Complete Second Season (Gerald So)
NCIS: Complete Third Season (Gerald So)
NCIS: The Fourth Season (Gerald So)
NCIS: The Fifth Season (Gerald So)
NCIS: The Sixth Season (Gerald So)
Night Watch: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
No country for Old Men: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Numb3rs: Season One (Jeremy Lynch)
Numb3rs: Season Two (Lee Crawford)
Numb3rs: Season Three (Jeremy Lynch)

Ocean’s Thirteen (Jeremy Lynch)
Our Man in Havana (Lee Crawford)
Oz: Complete Sixth Season (Jeremy Lynch)

The Paper Chase: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
PARKER LEWIS CAN’T LOSE: Season One (Jon Jordan)
The Pelican Brief: Blu-ray (Gerald So)
Perfume (Jeremy Lynch)
Perry Mason: The First Season vol 1. (Randy Otteson)
Perry Mason – The second season, Vol. two (Randy Otteson)
PIE IN THE SKY – Series one (Jeremy Lynch)
Pinky & The Brain: Season One (Jeremy Lynch)
The Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray) (Jeremy Lynch)
The Practice Vol one (Jeremy Lynch)
A Prarie Home Companion (Jeremy Lynch)
The Presidents Collection (Jeremy Lynch)
Primal Fear: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Prime Suspect: The Final Act (Jeremy Lynch)
Prince of the City (Jeremy Lynch)
Proof: Season one (Jon Jordan)
Psych: Complete first season (Gerald So)
Psych: The Complete second season (Gerald So)
PSYCH: The Complete Third Season (Gerald So)
Pushing Daisies: The complete first season (Lee Crawford)

Quantum of Solace: Blu-ray (Gerald So)

The Racing Game (Lee Crawford)
RAISING THE BAR: The complete first season (Jeremy Lynch)
Reaper: Season one (Gerald So)
REAPER: Season two (Gerald So)
Rebus: Set 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
Remington Steele: Season Three (Randy Otteson)
RENEGADE: The complete first season (Gerald So)
Rescue Dawn (Lee Crawford)
Rescue Me: Season 3 (Jon Jordan)
Rescue Me: Season 4 (Jon Jordan)
Risky Business: Deluxe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Road House: Deluxe Edition (Lee Crawford)
Road House 2 (Lee Crawford)
Rockford Files: Season Three (Jon Jordan)
The Rockford Files: Season five (Jeremy Lynch)
The Rockford Files: Season Six (Lee Crawford)
Rocky Balboa (Jeremy Lynch)
Roman Holiday: Centennial collection (Jill Lynch)
Ronin: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Rosemary & Thyme: Series Three (Lee Crawford)
Rough Diamond (Lee Crawford)
Ruth Rendell Mysteries 1 (Lee Crawford)
Romancing The Stone: Special Edition (Jeremy Lynch)

SANCTUARY – Season one (Jon Jordan)
Saving Grace: Season one (Jeremy Lynch)
SAVING GRACE: Season two (Jeremy Lynch)
The Sentinal (Lee Crawford)
Serenity: Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
The Sergio Leone Collection (Randy Otteson)
The Shield: Season six (S.J. Batten)
Shine A Light (Blu-ray) (Jeremy Lynch)
Shark: Season One (Gerald So)
The Shawshank Redemption (Blu-ray) (Jeremy Lynch)
SLING BLADE Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
Soap: The Complete Series (Jeremy Lynch)
Shoot Em Up (Jeremy Lynch)
Sleeper Cell: American Terror (Randy Otteson)
SMALLVILLE – Season Eight (Gerald So)
Smokey And The Bandit (Jeremy Lynch)
Smokin’ Aces (Lee Crawford)
So I married an Axe Murderer (Jeremy Lynch)
Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus (Sean Chercover)
Spawn: 10th Anniversary Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
THE SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN -The complete first season (Gerald So)
Sports Night: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
The Spy who came in from the Cold: Criterion edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Streets of San Francisco – Season one, Vol. one (Jon Jordan)
Streets of San Francisco – Season one, Vol. two (Jon Jordan)
Sudden Impact: Deluxe Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Sunset Boulevard: Centennial collection (Randy Otteson)
SUPERNATURAL – The Complete Fourth Season (Gerald So)
Sweeney Todd (Jill Lynch)

TAKEN (Gerald So)
Taps: 25th Anniversary Edtion (Randy Otteson)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season one (Jeremy Lynch)
There Will Be Blood (Lee Crawford, Jeremy Lynch)
Threshold: The Complete Series (Lee Crawford)
Tiny Toons Adventures: Sesaon one, Volume one (Jeremy Lynch)
TINY TOONS ADVENTURES – Season one, Volume two (Jeremy Lynch)
The Towering Inferno: Special Edition (Randy Otteson)
THE TOWERING INFERNO Blu-ray (Randy Otteson)
To Catch A Thief: Special Collector’s Edition (Jeremy Lynch)
To Catch A Thief: Centennial Collection (Jeremy Lynch)
Transformers: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)

UFC 106: ORTIZ VS. GRIFFIN 2 (Jeremy Lynch)
The Unit: Season One (Randy Otteson)
The Unit: Season Two (Jon Jordan)
The Untouchables – Season one, Vol. one (Jon Jordan)
The Untouchable – Season one, Vol. two (Jon Jordan)

V For Vendetta (Jeremy Lynch)
Vantage Point (Lee Crawford)
Veronica Mars: Complete third season (Ruth Jordan)
Vicki (Lee Crawford)

Wall Street: 20th Anniversary edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Wargames: 25th Anniversary edition (Jeremy Lynch)
Warlords (Randy Otteson)
THE WATCHMEN: Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)
The Wild Wild West: Season One (Jon Jordan)
Wire, The: season four (Jeremy Lynch)
Wire, The: Season five (Jeremy Lynch)
WISEGUY: The Complete first season (Jeremy Lynch)
Witness to the Mob (Jon Jordan)
WKRP in Cincinnati: Season One (Jeremy Lynch)
THE WRESTLER – Blu-ray (Jeremy Lynch)

Zodiac: 2 disc director’s cut (Jeremy Lynch)