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Crimespree Cinema online.

In the past year, we have featured DVD/theatrical reviews and previews here on the Central Crime Zone.

Now, we at Crimespree magazine are proud to announce the launch of Crimespree Cinema @ www.crimespreecinema.blogspot.com. Crimespree Cinema will feature the same things you have seen here, but with greater frequency and depth.

There will be two regular posts: On Mondays, we will offer a look at crime related DVDs that will be coming out that week. Thursdays will have a preview of the weekend’s theatrical releases. Reviews of DVDs and films will be staples at CsC, along with links to the latest trailers of crime flicks, bits of news on forthcoming films and articles on…well, whatever we damn well want blather on about.

Each week, we will post a week in review here, letting Central Crime Zone readers know what is going on over at CsC.

By doing this, we hope to provide more coverage, entertainment and nonsense than ever before.

Your input and comments are, as always, welcome.