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Crimespree Cinema week in review for 02/17

Hope everyone’s weekend is going swell.
Here is a look at the past week at Crimespree Cinema.

Aaron Eckhart is announced as Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two-Face for forthcoming Batman movie.

Fox/MGM announced the release date the next wave of remastered Bond DVDs.

Rian Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom continues to fill out it’s cast with amazing talent.

Jon gives his take on Haven…of course you can also get this by looking at the post right below this one here on the Central Crime Zone…but should you feel the desire to click again, here is the link to it at Crimespree Cinema.

A look at the DVDs released on Tuesday the 12th.

I review the two-disc release of The Departed.

Really bizarre casting is announced for forthcoming Hardy boys….Hardy MEN…movie.