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Crimespree Cinema Week in Review for April 2nd

Hope nobody was too seriously fooled on April 1st. I am lucky enough to avoid it as most know I am a firm believer in extreme escalation.
Let us take a look at what happened at Crimespree Cinema this last week:

My thoughts on Blood Diamond (two-disc special edition).

Jon expresses his man-love for Miami Vice seasons three and four.

Shock of shocks: Rocky Balboa (AKA Rocky VI) does not suck!

Cast your vote to save Veronica Mars!

Forest Whitaker…make that OSCAR-WINNNG Forest Whitaker to join Reeves in Ellroy’s The Night Watchman.

Cagney & Lacey season one back on for May 8th.

Marky Wahlberg talks about “creative” clashes with Scorsese on set of The Departed.

A very badass version of Sherlock Holmes may be coming to a theater near you.