CrimeSpree Magazine #5

It’s coming….

What do you think? Put it on t-shirts? Coffee cups?
We could do the cover with Jason too.
Or maybe all the covers….

Things to look for in issue 5 include:
Cover story: Ian Rankin including a look at Rebus, a conversation with Ian from Ruth Jordan, and the walking tour of Edinburgh

Jason Starr Interviews Charlie Stella

Music article, Crimes On .45 By Kevin Burton Smith

James Ellroy Taught Me To Be A Man
(AND NOW I WANT TO KICK HIS ASS!) by Anthony Neil Smith

On The Web: The Daughters of Freya, an email mystery
Junk In The Trunk, The Blog Short Story Project by David White

Fiction From : Mark T. Conard, and J.S. Jordan

David Fulmer and David Housewright on Jazz

Japanese Noir Movie review from Gary Warren Neibhur

Natasha Cooper Interviewed by Ayo Onatade

James Swain on Cheating and Poker

Firearms and Fiction Conference by Michael Black

Libby Fischer Hellman goes to Prison

Reed Coleman interviews Peter Speigleman

Sherlock Homes in Footprints from Thalia Proctor

The Shadow by Tom Jenkins

All this and more including BABY pictures of authors!

Ship date is set for FRIDAY MARCH 11th at around 2:30 PM