Crimespree on Comics: A Murder and Mayhem in Muskego Primer

In celebration of the upcoming Murder and Mayhem in Muskego this week’s blog is dedicated to my favorite works in comics for the writers involved in the “Some of our favorite stories have pictures” panel. So, here we go!
Brian Azzarello– While I’d love to choose his current run on “Wonder Woman” (because frankly, if you haven’t read it there’s something wrong with you) I’m going to go with his brilliant mini-series “Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.” He and artist Lee Bermejo craft an enthralling look and how Superman’s arch-nemesis sees big blue and the world. What Azzarello gets more than anyone is Luthor doesn’t see himself as a bad guy. It’s quite the opposite. Luthor wants the best for mankind, and Superman isn’t a man. He’s an alien with the powers of a god. And that is a strong motivator for someone trying to be a real savior. Azzarello encompasses so much with this story. It is a must read.
Kurt Busiek- While “Astro City” might be his most prolific work; I’m picking his beloved run of “the Avengers” from the mid-90’s. Before this there were only three books I cared about, X-Men, Spider-Man and Green Lantern. Busiek’s colorful and lovely run ushered in an entire generation of fans to the Avengers and the Marvel Universe. Teamed with the legendary George Perez’ they shaped the world around them made the team strong. His run lasted a long time and kept you needing more through the entire run. Because of him Bendis was able to do what he’s done for the past 10 years. Busiek knows super heroes and my formative years thanks to “The Avengers.”
Victor Gischler- Victor’s writing of manic and insane characters made him a perfect fit for Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth Deadpool; so much in fact the book “Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth” is the most entertaining comic of his I’ve read. It’s totally balls-out nuts and fun as Deadpool and his bodiless zombie counterpart ‘Headpool’ travel to a zombie universe. It’s the book Gischler was meant to write. If you’ve read “Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse” (which, if you haven’t shame on you) then you know Deadpool was this post-apocalyptic world were perfect fit for both Gischler and Marvel’s mercenary extraordinaire.
Bill Willingham– “Fables.” There’s no getting around it. No surprise pick here. For Bill Willingham it’s “Fables.” Started over a decade ago Willingham has crafted one of the biggest and most epic worlds where all the fairy tales and Mother Gooseries you head as a child are real. And they live in New York City. They’ve been kicked out of their world and struggle to live in their own hierarchy and work to take back their own lands. The brilliance of the book, however, is everything, down to the smallest details, are worked out perfectly. Willingham really has crafted a universe for these characters. And graciously it’s lasted as long as it has. There are many stories to tell and he find and brings them out with some of the best characterization and story arcs that no one would have thought of.