Here are a couple of nice graphic novels from Archie comics.

Archie Comics
Pub date: April 3rd, 2012

I loved the first collection and was waiting for this one. It was worth the wait. In two separate story arcs we see Archie married to Veronica and alternately Betty. In both stories there are overlapping plots, but the perspective changes depending on who Archie is married to. In one we see Archie and Betty becoming teachers at Riverdale, in the other Archie is working for Mr. Lodge, who is quite ruthless and more than a bit of a jerk. Both stories also have Jughead trying to save the maltshop and by
accident becoming a successful business man, when all he really wants to do is flip burgers. Reggie is a good guy, but having troubles.

The really fun part is seeing how these characters handle being adults. Some of it hits a little to close to home as they struggle with problems. I read Archie as a kid, but as I get older I’ve not read much. This is Archie for people who grew up with it and a story that grew with them. Great stuff. As far as I’m concerned Archie Comics has really upped their game and there appeal.

Archie Comics
Pub date: April 17, 2012
Jinx is a character that has been around for ages written as a young girl called ‘lil Jinx. This book sees her growing up a bit and entering high school. J. Torres does a great job writing the experience, I’ve been out of high school longer than I’m willing to say but it still felt oh to familiar. Jinx is adjusting to her to no longer being just a tom boy, her attempt to join the football team isn’t what she expects, and she is discovering her friends aren’t the same as they were at 11 and 12. It’s damn fun reading.

Rick Burchett along with inking by Terry Austin really get it right in the art dept. I love the expression on Jinx’s face and the clothing choices seem perfect. It looks like a comic book, but it also conveys all the right emotions. This is another great
example of Archie recapturing readers who loved Archie Comics as a kid.