Crimespree on Comics: BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #1

Here’s what I knew about Batman Beyond before I read this: Terry McGinnis is the new generation of Batman and is mentored by angry old-man Bruce Wayne. And I wasn’t interested. After reading Unlimited I learned I was wrong about one thing, the future is bright.

The book consists of two short stories both revolving around the appearance of Jokerz, gangs devoted to the memory of the Joker. More and more are arriving in Gotham from their home cities for reasons unknown. All the while there is a mysterious stranger watching Batman and gaining information for a coming battle. The second story gives us a glimpse of the Justice League and how their dealing with the coming of the Jokerz.

For new readers “Batman Beyond Unlimited” was a fun little read. There is enough brief character development that leaves you interested in finding out more, whether it’s through comics or wikipedia. For the fan it’s a great tease of things to come. It definitely sets up big stories coming up and the reveal of the mysterious villain leading the Jokerz against Batman is a great idea. The Justice League story focuses more on super heroics and the big picture than Batman’s mythos. It’s not as interesting but still very fun. The art by Norm Breyfogle in the first story seems rushed and is lacking or almost blank in some points. At the same time he has splash pages, like the first three or last one, that look beautiful. It would be nice to see that effort though the whole book. Dustin Nguen did the art of the second story and as always it’s a welcome sight to see. He really makes the second story pop.

Writer Adam Beechen is largely credited with restoring Batman Beyond bringing him into comic form. The mini-series’ he’s had have been very successful. It’s not a reboot but continues from the show itself. “Unlimited” is a welcome addition to the Beyond family and pulls you into see what happens next.