Crimespree on Comics: Dr Who volume 3 IT CAME FROM OUTERSPACE

Doctor Who v.3 It Came From Outer Space

It’s difficult to capture the magic of television shows or movies in comics, especially when they’re as beloved as “Dr. Who.” These days every licensed show is getting it’s own book. For the most part they are just way for companies to make a quick buck. Thankfully, as this volume demonstrates, “Doctor Who” raises the bar on the quality of adaptations.

One of the best things about this book is that you don’t have had to read any of the previous issues to jump right in. It’s very much like a series of done-in-one (or two) episodes. Main writer Tony Lee knows his Doctor Who mythology. The first issue is a bit much and is easily forgetable, especially compared to the rest of the book. It’s not bad but once you get to the second story you really get a feel for the writer’s love of the Doctor. He and his companions, who are as loveable as ever, battle a Flying Spaghetti Monster meets Cthulhu, half-brain dead clones, gravity and more in this book that gets better with every story. The last half of the book consists of vignettes that might appear of no consequence but are more delightful than many Doctor Who episodes themselves. Not to be missed is the short story with acclaimed creator Paul Grist where the Doctor gives a hand to Santa.

There’s so much to love about this book for both the avid and rabid fan. It really captures the voice of the characters and feel of the episodes. There are little jokes and nods, just like the show, to past adventures and happenings that will always make the reader smirk. But best of all is that it’s good. If you’re jonesing for some good ol’ Doctor while the show is on a long hiatus then the comic series is a definite must read