Boom! Studios
Writer: Grace Randolph
Artist: Russell Dauterman

You know what “Desperate Housewives” needed? Besides lots and lots of botox. Superheroes. I’m fairly certain this is what the initial idea was when coming up with “Supurbia.” A primetime soap opera set in a universe where the good battle evil on a public, glamorous scale. And thank the comic gods someone realized we needed this.

Set in a lovely little suburb where all members of a Justice-League-type team reside, we quickly meet the heroes that occupy it, but more importantly, their spouses. The aging couple, the newly weds, the heroine turned housewife, the former super villain and more. The cast is set immediately and so are their individual plot lines. What happens to Batman’s wife when she finds him in bed with Nightwing? Or when Wonder Woman’s daughter’s powers just won’t appear no matter how hard mom tries to train her? Who knew that finding the answers would be more interesting than the battles the husbands go off to fight?

New member Bulldog and his wife, Eve, have just moved in and she’s trying to learn the ropes. But her curiosity is getting the best of her. So as she makes friends (and an enemy) she wants to make her mark with her husband. Something has other plans though. And these significant others are soon going to understand their job is going to be more difficult than they imagined.

A simple and brilliant idea, Grace Randolph took it and worked it perfectly. It’s not too over the top or cheesy, but definitely knows the genre. Don’t regard this as a girl book or camp. This is the type of book that slips genres and brings in new readers. Randolph wonderfully gives each character their own voice. Notable ones are the loving safety that house husband Jeremy offers and the twisted drive-to-be-good of Hella Hart. Listening to these characters live their lives but also know there are very big things coming up makes the anticipation even more exciting. What will happen when an ordinary person (with an extraordinary one) are faced with fantastic situations. Thankfully, Randolph has plans and they’re going to be great. Artist Russell Dauterman gives each character a unique look. Every issue the art gets better and better. There is great harmony in the creative team and it shows.

Supurbia is more than a guilty pleasure and cult hit. It’s a watercooler book that will have men, women, fan boys, fan girls, and everyone else discussing. A fantastic pleasure and the next one can’t come quick enough.

Jo Schmidt