Green Lantern #0 Spoiler-free Review

So we get a new Green Lantern. One that’s getting a lot of press. An American Muslim that, as we see from all the promotional pictures (not to mention the cover) carries a gun. This zero month in DC is all about origins, and while most are set in the past this one takes place right now. It opens, inevitably with 9-11 and a adolencent Boz watching it happen with his family. The following pages are about him growing up amongst the fear and hate surrounding Americans toward Muslims until we get today, where he’s stealing a van. It doesn’t go well to say the least and he ends up in a case of who-framed-Boz-the-future-Green-Lantern?

The issue is a quick, entertaining, if not predictable one off opening to Boz’s story. I like the idea of a Muslim super hero especially one so high profile. It doesn’t feel liek forcing the issue, but his origin does feel a bit uninspired. I do love, however that he’s a car thief. The line, “I’m not a terrorist, I’m a car thief!” is sure to become a major internet meme as it’s just brilliant in it’s absurdity. He has a very plausable introduction and is interesting enough to bring you back next week, not as if “Green Lantern” has a need for more readers. As we enter their huge new crossover story “The Third Army” where this character will fall is one of the more intriguing aspects of it.

As always Johns cares about the characters he writes/creates and Boz is no exception and will have a long and rich life, though more than likely filled with peril and pain. (or he’ll be killed in three months, as it’s usually one extreme or the other.) It’s a good zero issue to kick things off introducing a, hopefully, complex new character that will bring interesting stories with what you can be seen on the surface.