Crimespree on Comics: Jo Schmidt – TINY TITANS: DC’s Best Book

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re hyping a kid’s book in a blog called “CRIMESPREE?” Yes, yes I am. Simply put: “Tiny Titans” is and has been the best book DC’s released since it started almost 50 issues ago.

What creators Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani crafted is a delightful tongue-in-cheek psudo-parody of the D.C. universe. For all ages! Actually all ages too, as everyone can enjoy this book. On the surface you can already see the brilliance. All the teen characters from the D.C universe go to Sidekick Elementary. They have clubs and friends and deal with everything, like a super-powered-“Peanuts”. There teachers? Super-villains, of course. Dr. Light is the science teacher, Trigon is a sub, and Deathstroke? Why, naturally, he’s the Principal. The only adult good-guy we see is Alfred when Robin brings his friend’s over. The rest are done “Muppet Babies” style- we only see legs. Each issue is packed with multiples short stories, easy for young readers to enjoy. But it’s the in-jokes that really make the book.

This is where adults can really appreciate it. There’s an elegant blend of jokes adults would get (not adult humor) and humor only for D.C. fans. Art and Franco know what they’re doing and do it beautifully. The art is simple but very distinct. That is a difficult combination but it pushed the uniqueness and success of the book.

While this is a kid’s book, it’s really a love letter to adults and parents. Why should parents get nothing from reading to their kids? “Tiny Titans” is a charming book for ALL ages and should be read by everyone. If you have kids you one day want to be as obsessed with comics as you are, this is the perfect place to start.

Jo Schmidt