Kate (and Dan) Reads Comics: O.M.A.C #1

omacDan’s been reading comics since 1987 (West Coast Avengers #1- REPRESENT!). Kate spent her idle days hanging with the boys at the local comics shop. Hanging out, but not really reading the books. This blog is a pretty darn close recreation of a Wednesday at our house, after a trip to the comic shop…

D: ::Giggles to self, and turns pages with obvious joy::

K: Now what are you reading?

D: This? This is O.M.A.C. Probably my most favorite book of DC’s New 52. (Next to Batman, Swamp Thing, and Animal Man…)

K: Really? Sure is…colorful…

:: Looks closer, points:: Dude on the cover has a blue fish fin Mohawk! This can only mean awesomeness inside!

D: OF COURSE THERE’S AWESOMENESS INSIDE! It’s homage to Jack Kirby. “Awesomeness” is implied.

K: The creative staff – writers, artists, inkers (f*ing tracers) – has titles like in the Simpson’s Tree House of Terror credits. Cleaver.

D: Did you just say, “Cleaver?”

K: Come on! That’s a good one!

D: ::groan::

K: So what’s the deal with this book? I read it twice while you were in the potty just now. Dude with the fish fin Mohawk broke a lot of stuff in that CADMUS joint trying to get to the basement, and then some chick had GUNS COME OUT OF HER MOUTH LIKE SOME FREAKY FEM-BOT.

D: Well yeah, she was trying to stop him from getting into the basement. What did you expect her to do?

K: But…but…guns came out…of her mouth…

D: Yeah, and? She’s a Build-A-Friend. That’s what they do.


D: Take 5. Have a drink of water.

K: What’s a “gobbler?”

D: They “gobble.”

K: Knew you were gonna say that.

::Drinks water quickly::

::Gets hiccups::


K: You like to talk about “what you get for your 22 pages.” Comics are expensive, so how much story are you really getting for your money? So if we set aside all the destruction in O.M.A.C., if we look a little closer, could it be that this book is a statement about how if we aren’t careful, computers can develop artificial intelligence and take over our bodies? Do we as a society need to rethink how integrated our lives have become with technology?

::starts talking faster:: If we aren’t careful, the computers will attack us while we are in the bathroom and turn us into their minions!

::Ties one of Dan’s neckties around her head Rambo-style:: Get me my pitchfork and torch! I’m going to the Microsoft store to stop this!

D: Only Microsoft? We spend most of our time at the Apple Store.

K: I don’t want to upset the Apple Overlords.

D: What was that? I was busy updating Twitter on my iPhone.

::walks into the street while staring at iPhone, almost gets hit by car::

K: Yep. Pretty sure that answers that question. Lots of explosions plus the technology overlords theme, this is a book I can get into!

Dan and Kate Malmon are a happily married couple (except when Dan forgets to do his chores) in Roseville, MN. When not working, reading comics and mysteries or watching sports, they hang out with Franklin the dog. You can find both Kate and Dan on Twitter.