Crimespree on Comics: Kate reads Man From Space.

I’m taking the reins again on the blog post because Dan didn’t want anything to do with this week’s book. Comic book writers will sometimes offer free copies of their books to bloggers/reviewers. Now that Dan and I are “big time bloggers,” I thought I’d take Marc Jackson up on his offer to read “Man From Space”. The basic plot is a guy’s spaceship crashes because he let his pet fish, Michael, drive. They proceed to try to find out the guy’s identity and run into a variety of space creatures along the way. Think Wizard of Oz in space, but with less flying monkeys… and less overall entertainment. A lot less entertainment.

Here are the notes from my read through “Man from Space.”

  • Jesus with a goldfish in a bowl. Guess Jesus is on his way to a potluck.
  • He let the fish drive the spaceship?
  • They meet an alien that looks like a penis wearing kitchen gloves? And the alien is French?
  • Now they’re talking to Space Moais?
  • Jesus doesn’t know who he is? Why wasn’t this established earlier in the story? I didn’t realize that this was a problem until now.
  • I don’t drink nearly enough or do enough drugs to read this book.
  • There are some convenient plot devices here: a teleporting alien and a wish-granting alien.
  • The panels are laid out in kind of a boring blocky layout. Not very creative.
  • And all of a sudden Jesus took a strange turn and became very lippy with is space acquaintances. That’s not very Christian of him.
  • Now the kitchen-glove wearing penis alien is speaking Spanish. Maybe he’s supposed to be the earth-language version of C-3PO?
  • Time travel confuses me, but I do know that your future self cannot speak to your past self! Doctor Who has taught me this much, at least.
  • Boob jokes? Seriously? Was this book written by a couple of 13 year olds?
  • I’ll admit that I like good dick and fart jokes, but you at least have to be clever. This wasn’t clever.


I now understand why Dan didn’t want to spend any time reading this book.

Kate Malmon