Crimespree on Comics: RACHEL RISING volume one – The Shadow Of Death

Author: Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio
Pub date: 3/28/2012

Terry Moore is a master. He’s written romantic thrillers, science fiction, super heroes and more. All his work garners raves and earns him more and more fans. His latest foray takes his distinct style into a genre that’s difficult to do well, horror. But, like I said, Moore is a master, and his ability to write any genre shows with “Rachel Rising.”

Rachel wakes up from her grave. She was dead. Her eyes are black. After getting a ride back into town she meets up with her aunt, the mortician. Johnny the mortician believes her niece is dead and all evidence leads that conclusion to be correct. At the same time, there is murder and death all around. People, after running to a mysterious woman, are dying. Horribly. That mysterious woman was at the makeshift grave of Rachel and there’s a connection running through everything. Everyone has a secret and not everyone will make it through to the end. But if Rachel is any indication, the end isn’t the end.

There hasn’t been a horror thriller of this level in comics in a long time. A smart and well-crafted book. That’s what you get from Terry Moore. Something that wasn’t expect was the perfect handle on foreboding fear. It’s creepy and demands you come back for more. Moore makes sure there is a lot going on. Multiple characters with their own agenda that all weave together at some point. Some things you can see coming and many more you can’t. Moore, as always with his own work, pulls double duty as writer/artist. His work is always sharp and it adds a morbid beauty this time around.

I recommend anything he does or has done. But “Rachel Rising” is something a bit different from his usual work. It’s a phenomenal horror story. It deserves a massive mainstream audience because this is the perfect idea for an adaptation on Showtime or FX. If you’re a fan of thrillers or scary reads then search this book out.