Marvel Comics
5 issue mini-series

Beautiful is the easiest way to describe the wonderful mini-series. Beautiful is the best and simplest way to describe how it’ll hit you as you read through the five issues. This isn’t one of those “This will change everything” type stories that will be relevant for six months; this is the type of story that will last with these characters for a very long time.

The idea is simple; a crossover with Spider-Man from the regular Marvel Universe and the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Pulled together by Mysterio, who, turns out, is the same in both universes (great twist!), Peter Parker has to deal with this very young kid who has continued his legacy because the Ultimate version of himself is dead. And everyone knows who he is.

Brian Michael Bendis has written some of the biggest and best comics of the last 15 years. With “Spider-Men” he gives a love letter to everyone that’s ever been a fan of either or both universes. Seeing the Ultimate universe through Peter Parkers eyes, someone that has seen so much, is relevatory. Peter Parker has been to alternate universes and even met different hims before. But the Ultimate Universe is so close, yet so different, it’s beautiful (there’s that word again) to watch him adapt to the differences. Issue four is the big one. Peter runs off and meets Ultimate Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. It’s not an easy read. There’s a chance a tear or two will form as you take in the interaction between the surrogate mother and her deceased son from another reality. The final issue came out this week and has two very interesting repercussions, one dealing with the villain and the second, well, that would be telling.

As always, the topping of the cake is the artist. Sara Pichelli (co-creator of Miles Morales) has some of the most eye-catching gorgeous art around. It’s hard to see her “step-up” from her regular work because of how phenomenal she always is, but somehow she found a way. While Bendis might write the characters, Pichelli shows you everything. A simple panel of Aunt May with no words can tell you more than you thought possible, simply with Pichelli’s art.

Bendis and artist Pichelli crafted one of the best mini-series to be released from Marvel this year and should be read and loved. It’s a sweet, heartfelt story with real lasting repercussions that aren’t about being over-the-top but character driven and introspective. Bendis has another masterpiece with “Spider-Men.”