Crimespree on Comics: SpringCon 2012!

Today marks the completion of the 24th annual Midwest Comic Book Association (MCBA) SpringCon! Held annually at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, SpringCon brings fans, retailers, and creators together in an environment that celebrates all the four-color wonder of comic books!

SpringCon, and its sister event, FallCon, will always be special events for me. These conventions opened my eyes to the comics community here in Minnesota. Until my first convention, comics to me started and finished with my Wednesday visits to the local comic shop. But now you’re telling me that people who actually write and draw this stuff come to MY town?! And you can just… go up and talk to them?

Really? How cool is that?!

At heart, conventions are the same, no matter the genre. A gathering of like-minded fans who organize a gathering where they can celebrate their common hobby. And being able to meet the creators that make their hobby possible? Well, that’s just the greatest thing ever.

Here in Minnesota, the organizers of SpringCon tend to keep a rather local vibe to their convention. With professionals like Dan Jurgens, Peter Krause, and Peter Gross calling the area home, there never is a shortage of drawing power. Our convention also has a strong newspaper strip presence with Jim Keefe of Flash Gordon, and Terry Beatty of The Phantom. This year’s show had a very special guest. Golden Age artist Allen Bellman was there. Mr. Bellman worked on books like Captain America, Sub-Mariner, and the Human Torch. Well into his ‘80’s, Mr. Bellman was engaging and eager to talk to fans of all ages. I was glad of the opportunity to shake his hand.

Minnesota also is doing its part to keep the industry fresh and new. With schools like MCAD (Minneapolis College Of Art And Design) and Rasmussen College producing a new wave of creators every year, both of these schools have quite a presence at the convention.

SpringCon always has a wonderful turnout of cosplayers, fans who dress up as their favorite heroes/villains. For me, these folks really make the event. Just spending time wandering around the convention floor, taking in the sight of these brave folks dressed up in spandex and homemade steampunk just makes me smile. That’s bravery! Good on you, cosplayers. Good on you!
All in all, another great weekend at SpringCon. And we’ll see you all at FallCon!

Dan Malmon