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Criminal Macabre Cellblock 666 – Dark Horse Comics

What do dirty DA’s, Prison’s, and Zombies have in common? Well, if you’re Cal McDonald, they all spell out a highway to hell. Set up by one of his own, a zombie, Cal gets tossed into the slammer. Doing hard time, however this prison and it’s hard as nails Warden are about to learn a hard lesson in, you reap what you sow.

Super natural detective Cal McDonald along with the Zombies teach everybody, that while crime may not pay, criminals rarely forget who the real bad guys are. This is the first experience I’ve ever had to read a Cal McDonald mystery. I can tell, you it won’t be the last. I now must go out and find the first five in this series. I seem to have missed quite a bit of the back story. I suggest you do the same.

Steve Niles is no stranger to horror writing (30 Days of Night). I found his prose to be heart pumping and made the nerves tingle. as if I was with Cal every step of his journey. The artwork of Nick Stakal wraps up the words perfectly. It completes and complements the story and flow seamlessly from frame to frame. As a really nice finishing touch Tim Bradstreet does the Cover art and the internal break pages between chapters.

Pick up all six you won’t be disappointed.