Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date: August 26th, 2014

I enjoyed this season a lot. Some of the things that were getting on my nerves a bit were actually toned down (such as Garcia’s over cuteness). The characters have all really grown into their roles on the squad and I especially think JJ (played by A.J.Cook) was terrific this season.

We come into Season Nine wondering who the new boss will be and if the team will be losing Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) to a desk, not to worry, he’s still in the field. The opening two episodes tie together, The Inspiration and The Inspired had a nice twist which had the team turning the plane around after they thought the case was rapped up. There is also a creepy episode I enjoyed a lot called The Return which involved missing children. The other stand out episode for me was set in Milwaukee (they even got street names right) and involved rabies….. creepy creepy creepy.

If you are a fan you’ll enjoy this season as it has everything we’ve come to like about the show. My only complaint is with the DVD set itself, you can’t click a “play all” button so each episode needs to be loaded separately, and not just a single click but a second menu. I find this very annoying when watching television on DVD.

Jon Jordan