Damn it! The Brothers Bloom pushed back to January.

This one broke my heart: The Brothers Bloom, Rian Johnson’s follow-up to Brick, has been pushed back to January 16th.

It will debut, in NYC and L.A., on Dec 19th.

Regarding the change, Rian said this:

“There were a few reasons for the move: October and November are crowded as hell, it’s a tough tough market, especially for a smart unique film like ours, and we’d have a week or two at the most to sink or swim. Whereas concentrating on a couple markets for awards consideration in December, then pushing the wide in the more open January slot just seemed like a better use of resources.

Mostly though, what convinced me it was a good idea was that it gives us more time to get more awareness of the movie out there. There are alot of films competing for attention, the more time I have to travel around to film festivals, do interviews, show and talk about the film, the better.

And that’s the one consolation I can give: I’m going to be doing the rounds at a TON of regional US festivals, I’m hoping to hit nearly every big one that happens between now and the release. So if you live near a big city with a festival, chances are you’ll get a shot at seeing it before January.”

For those that know nothing about TBB,
The Brothers Bloom is a con artist film and stars Oscar winners Adrien Brody (The Pianist, Hollywoodland) , Rachael Weis (The Mummy, The Constant Gardner), and Maximilian Schell (Judgement at Nuremberg, The Black Hole) as well as Mark Ruffalo (Zodiac, All The Kings Men), Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) and Robbie Coltrane (The Harry Potter films, U.K. version of Cracker).