Daniel Silva sells film rights to Universal Studios.

After having so much success with Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, Universal Studios has purchased the rights to another popular series of spy novels.

The studio has announced that they have purchased the film rights to the works of NYT bestselling author Daniel Silva. Silva’s seven book series follow the exploits Gabriel Allon.

Allon was a part of the team that avenged the deaths of the Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics. He retired after losing his wife and daughter to terrorists and now spends his time restoring art. Allon is occasionally called on to return to service when there is a need for him.

The plan is to set with the sixth book, The Messenger. The Messenger finds Allon called back to duty when plans are discovered for an attack on the Vatican.

A director has already been hired for the films, Pierre Morel will direct. Morel’s background is as a cinematographer (Before Sunset, The Transporter, the upcoming Jet Li flick War) but he made his directorial debut in the very fun District B13.

Morel’s directorial skills will next be on display with Taken, which tells the story of a former spy (Liam Neeson) that must use his old skills when his daughter is sold into slavery. Taken hits theaters in February of 2008.

According to Variety, the studio purchased the rights to the series for a seven-figure sum.

In addition to the seven books in the Allon series, Silva has written three other thrillers.