DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

dark-matter-3d-300You would be misinformed if I claimed to be an unbiased reader in reviewing Blake Crouch’s DARK MATTER but I am a forever reader and for ABANDON was a first reader. So if nothing else, I know this man’s word play, meter and voice.

Only I don’t.

But I do.

I circled around DARK MATTER for a couple of months. Daniel of Boswell Books in Milwaukee proclaimed it “book of the year.” And so I went home and did my second dusk to dawn reading of the year.

Imagine a mystery? Imagine that mystery taking place in multiple time lines with infinite conclusions? Imagine reading a story and being absolutely certain you know who the one true hero is.

That is DARK MATTER, and thanks to Blake Crouch, Thursday is now my favorite day too.


There will be a full review soon for this perfect summer read.