David Fincher looking to bring serial killing goodness to HBO

David Fincher is heading back to a subject that has served him well in his career: Serial killers.

According to Variety, the acclaimed director of SE7EN and ZODIAC (as well as FIGHT CLUB and PANIC ROOM) will, along with actress Charlize Theron, will be exec producing a proposed HBO series based on MIND HUNTER: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. The book talks about author John Douglas’ life as an FBI agent/profiler of serial killers.

The production company Fox 21 (SONS OF ANARCHY) will be on board with Scott Buck writing the pilot. Buck is a producer/writer for DEXTER and has also worked on ROME, SIX FEET UNDER and COACH…two out of three ain’t bad.

With the freedoms of pay cable and the track record of those involved, this has the potential to be good as well as damn disturbing.