David Goyer attached to Showtime’s proposed 100 BULLETS series.

I’ve read comics my whole life, I learned how to read with them. As I’ve grown older my tastes have changed and what I enjoy and comics have grown with me. 100 Bullets is the ultimate example of comics for grown ups. It is straight up crime fiction, uncompromising with nothing sugar coated or twisting to a hppy ending just to make people smile. The combination of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is a one two punch right to the gut with every single one of the 100 issues. The dialogue is amazing and the art is perfect. A quick run down of what it is wouldbe hard to do, but here’s a stab at it.

A man named Agent Graves is giving people a suitcase with an untraceable gun and 100 bullets. The briefcases also contain a file with why the person being bestowed this gift might want it. And then he watches to see what they do.

Why? What is his goal? I’m not telling. Read it for yourself and let it unfold, it is some of my all time favorite crime story telling.


Deadline (who has since replaced Variety and THR as the go-to place for breaking news) has reported that David Goyer has been brought on board to write and produce a television series based on the very cool comic 100 BULLETS.

We here at Crimespree think the world of BULLETS and the amazing folks ( Brian Azzarello and illustrator Eduardo Risso)behind it. But I have to say I am mixed feelings on this. I love the idea of a series as cool as the comics, but would that happen?

Showtime is a great place to try it out, ratings are not as important as drawing (and keeping) subscribers. This is the kind of show that just might bring new folks to Showtime.

David Goyer had a hand in the screenplays for Christopher Nolan’s excellent BATMAN films and has a background in comics. He has also worked on the BLADE films as well as TV series such as BLADE (Eh), Threshold and FlashForward.

If this does happen, let us hope it is done right. Goyer is a good start, but any series based on BULLETS is going to have to have a strong look and style as well.